Set Your Website Design Apart from Your Competitors

Make your website extraordinary! Online business presence is essential in the world of digital marketing. First impressions are important since your website is the first thing that people will see.

Regardless of industry, you will have competitors. Your business depends upon your ability to acquire customers by setting yourself apart from others. Even though website design is more than just appearance, it does play an important role. Almost 80% of customers judge a website's credibility by its design. Upgrading your site doesn’t have to be time-consuming and complicated. Each section of your website works together to create a great impression. The content, navigation, buttons, images, videos, and other design components symbolize your brand.

So how will you keep it interesting in the eye of your customer and stand out from the rest? Learn the simple ways below on how you can improve your website.

1. White Space:

White space can make it easier for visitors to see the important parts of a web page rather than overwhelming it with too much design. It is the ideal way to keep things clean and professional looking. Leave plenty of breathing room and do not fill all space on the page. In this way, you can control what your customers see and make them focus on what is important. Using white space can improve navigation thus increasing the chance of conversion by directing your customer’s attention to the right action.

2. Headlines in Main Messaging :

Headlines are very effective in capturing the attention of your customers. They work perfectly when used in conjunction with white space. With the use of headlines, you are directing people where to look and what to do next. As the human eye will automatically scan the largest text, it is also recommended to find a font that compliments your brand or company.

3. Fresh and Quality Content :

The best way for customers to engage is to keep your website updated regularly. The blog section is an ideal place to showcase your brand's recent activities or services. It may not be a conversion factor, but it can be shareable which can lead to future purchases and new prospective customers. 

Also, avoid filling white space with overwhelming text. The audience will likely scan the text and not read it word-for-word. Make it short, straight to the point, and easy to read.

4. High-Quality Fast Images:

High-quality images may not always be the best choice. The photo must be strong and clear, but should also load as fast as possible. Large images can cause a decrease in loading speed. Not everyone has access to high-speed internet and this is why it is a very important factor when it comes to web design. If the site does not load quickly, the customer will think there is a problem and eventually leave.

5. Easy Navigation Menu:

Using an easy navigation menu will allow your customers to quickly select where they want to go. The best option is to be traditional and use the main navigation which the audience is already familiar with. Caution to not use alternative words.  For example, using “The Business Experience” instead of “About Us” can be misleading. Be clear regarding what the page is about. Lastly, limit your navigation links to 5 or 6. If necessary, create a sub-navigation, especially if you have a lot of pages/subpages. Do not create confusion as this can lead to visitors exiting the page.

6. Minimal Design:

A minimally designed website is very popular and important these days. Gone are 3D elements, and over-animation. A flat design website looks elegant, simple, clean, and professional. Consider adding subtle depth or additional layers to an image. It’s a great way to boost your web design and help it stand out from your competitors.

7. Insert Related Videos:

Today’s audience loves videos. It is a great way to differentiate your brand and offers insight about who you are and what your business is all about.

8. Avoid Using Stock Photos

If possible, use actual photos from your company or the services you are offering. Showcase your branding with photos of your actual team.

9. Make it About Them

Make your website about your customer’s needs. Provide the value of your services in ways that they can relate to. Case studies, success stories, tips, and problem-solving content is ideal.

10. Make it Mobile-Friendly

Now that your website is easy to navigate, make sure that the customers can see your website on any device without issues. People use different devices and screen sizes, and no one wants to be zooming in and out to make your site fit on their screen. If it looks confusing on their part, they are more likely to leave the site. To prevent this, make sure that your website design is responsive to any device and allows your customers to have a seamless experience. 

These are only some of the simple ways to make your website stand out from your competitors. Keep it simple, use an easy navigation menu, utilize white space, update fresh content regularly, optimize images, and make it mobile-friendly. 

If you need help improving your website design, find an expert to implement it. If you would like our help in creating a fast, responsive, and modern website design, contact us today to see how we can elevate your website portfolio. Request a demo to learn how we can assist in increasing your online visibility.