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Guaranteed & Immediate Search Results

The only way to achieve immediate and guaranteed search results for the keywords most important to your business in your local area is to use pay per click search (PPC). The most popular PPC product is Google Ads (Bing also has a PPC product), and we orchestrate many ad retargeting and Facebook Ad campaigns as well. At PIMM-USA, we help manage PPC campaigns of these kinds for over half of our customers, with a separate dedicated PPC team customizing every campaign to meet your individual goals while also tracking your return on investment (ROI).

Guaranteed & Immediate Search Results

Getting to page one in unpaid, organic search results is crucial to most businesses. However, this effort can take upwards of 3 months or more depending on your business location and the level of online competition. Today, the best way to achieve guaranteed and immediate results at the top of the first page of search is by using Google Ads, which is Google's PPC product. With the expert guidance of our dedicated Ads teams at PIMM-USA to implement a successful PPC campaign, your business will rapidly land a spot on the first page of search results.

Unique Landing Pages

Once users click on your online ad, they will be redirected to a landing page. Our team of experts at PIMM-USA are extremely knowledgeable and skilled at creating purposeful landing pages that contain calls-to-action encouraging online leads to get to know your business better. Complete with concise, compelling, and relevant content, a custom landing page maximizes conversions and turns online searchers into clients. Because we're a results-oriented company driven by hard data, each of our landing pages comes complete with a dedicated Ads tracking number so you can easily evaluate the success of each campaign with your Ads specialist.

Dedicated Pay-Per-Click Account Management

At PIMM-USA, we successfully leverage marketing dollars to maximize the return on your advertising investment. PPC campaigns are complex endeavors, involving sophisticated bidding systems for ad placement and unfamiliar metrics such as "Quality Score" and "Click-Through Rates". We assign you with a dedicated PPC management team to help you fully understand how your campaign is performing. From establishing your account(s), choosing advertising keywords, creating the ads, and building landing pages, to tracking and reporting results, we do it all on your behalf. However, it's essential you remain in the loop every step of the way. On a regular and ongoing basis, we reach out to discuss your target audience, what services or specials you'd like to promote, your budget, and the measurable success of each campaign.

Tracking Your Results

Because you're paying Google directly for each click, it's essential to track the results and success of each campaign. While page one results are immediate and guaranteed with PPC advertising, online marketing efforts involving Google ads and Bing Ads can get expensive. At PIMM-USA, we're extremely mindful of your finances and do all we can to maximize the return on your investment (ROI). In addition to reporting results regularly, we've set up a system where our clients can set their budget, track how many new client calls their office receives, and easily calculate their ROI. We firmly believe that being in the loop helps clients make informed decisions about the right campaigns for their businesses and online marketing dollars.

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