Seven Ways to Get Positive Google Reviews

November 15, 2021

Social media platforms first launched to share photos and updates with family and friends have become indispensable tools for businesses of all sizes looking to build their brands and attract new customers. A whopping four billion people worldwide are actively engaged social media users, according to January 2021 estimates from the U.N. and other media sources. 

The use of marketing on sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter to reach new customers is rapidly growing, while the effectiveness of traditional advertising on television and radio is dropping, according to a recent Harris Poll. The same poll by Harris found that more than half of all customers learned about new brands via social media. And the numbers go way up among coveted younger customers. 

Besides spreading awareness about their brand name, businesses also have an opportunity to craft an original, humanized narrative around their product and services that will connect with customers on a personal level. This becomes increasingly valuable when you consider that more than three-quarters of all social media users were likely to make buying decisions based on positive interactions with them on social media. Relationship-building has always been a key strategy for business success, and that’s no different in the digital sphere. 

Another powerful marketing tool is building a YouTube channel with short, clever videos introducing viewers to your products and services. By creating how-to demonstration videos, you can actually attract customers who are looking for solutions and didn’t even know your product existed. 

LinkedIn has become the premier business-to-business platform, supercharging your network and establishing you as an insightful leader, while simultaneously introducing your products to a savvy user base. 

As if you needed further reasons to consider a robust social media presence: 

  • The cost of social media advertising is far cheaper than traditional media.
  • Social media drives traffic to your company website.

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