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Success relies on excellent communication! Our email blasts keep your clients well informed, engaged, and up-to-date!

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Email Blasts

One of the keys to establishing trusting business relationships is communication! Email blasts designed and developed by the professionals at PIMM-USA provide your business with a valuable tool to efficiently reach existing clients. Best of all, we do it all for you! Whether you're sending an email blast to selected members of your email list or you'd like to reach your entire audience, our designers, writers, and marketing team takes care of everything on your behalf.

Stay In Touch & Communicate With Your Audience

A great way to engage existing, former, and prospective clients is with a concise, informative email blast personalized with your business name and logo. At PIMM-USA, we create a wide variety of email blasts designed to engage your clients and other target audiences in various ways. By providing information, useful tips, offers of exclusive discounts, and more, every email blast contains purposeful and compelling content.

Engage, Inform, Motivate, And Demonstrate Your Business Cares

Everyone appreciates useful and understandable information. Email blasts on relevant topics demonstrate that your business cares about client engagement. Being viewed as a trustworthy and reliable resource in your field means more people will reach out to your business.

Get Results With Email Blasts That Incorporate Calls To Action

Calls to Action undoubtedly prompt more clients to contact your business. As experts in the field of digital marketing, we design email blasts that inform as well as encourage and motivate involvement. Whether it's to notify clients of new products or services, request feedback, or more, our email blasts are written, designed, and timed to get optimal results.

How Email Blasts Expand The Reach Of Your Business And Renew Relationships With Former Clients

Statistics show that close to 90% of people check their emails at least once a day, while 20% check at least five times daily. Our team at PIMM-USA knows that email blasts offer an outstanding opportunity to expand your reach. This doesn't just apply to new audiences, either – email blasts can also reestablish connections with former clients who may once again be interested in your services or products.

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