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Dedicated Marketing Manager

Our team of experts at PIMM-USA will manage every aspect of your business's online strategy. The development of an attractive and informative custom website for your business is just the beginning. Our goal is to create an online presence that brings local clients to your business. With our help, your business will appear front and center in search results!

Enjoy Personal Attention & Custom Strategies

Becoming familiar with your business is important in customizing a strategy for success in local searches. Whether it's your existing website or a new one that we've created for your business, your dedicated marketing manager will work with you to develop integrated, effective online marketing solutions. When it comes to maximizing your visibility in local searches, online directories, social media postings, sending email blasts, setting up pay-per-click ads, retargeting, or more, you can rest assured that we've got everything covered.

Expert Service From Someone Who Knows Your Business Well

In the ever-changing world of online marketing, questions and concerns are bound to come up. Perhaps you're offering new services or products. Alternatively, you may be interested in reaching a new target audience, sending email blasts to your clients, or getting involved in pay-per-click advertising campaigns. Whatever the case may be, you simply need to contact your dedicated marketing manager to discuss the best course of action and get the ball rolling.

Handling Every Aspect Of Your Business's Online Presence

An effective online presence involves a lot of moving and changing parts. At PIMM-USA, it is our goal to provide your business with the latest online strategies and ongoing support that's required. While you focus your energy on running your business, we direct all of ours to generating new leads that will help your business grow. You can count on your dedicated marketing manager to take care of all your online needs.

Monitoring Ongoing Success With Analytics

Your results matter to us! Our goal is for your business to rank highly in Google search results for relevant keywords in the areas that are most relevant to you. By analyzing hard data and using tools such as Google Analytics, call tracking data, and more, your dedicated marketing manager can refine current strategies and/or develop new ones to optimize your success. PIMM-USA will closely monitor your website traffic to determine which keywords, campaigns, pay-per-click ads, or other forms of online outreach are proving to be most effective. We also track new client leads and conversions while paying close attention to Google's ever-changing algorithms and adjusting our strategies accordingly.

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It's easy to get started! Our quick, 15-minute demo is all it takes to learn how PIMM-USA can help you increase your online visibility. Through our advanced marketing techniques and local targeting, we'll help you expand your business's reach and build your online reputation. Additionally, your dedicated marketing representative will be your direct contact for all of your marketing needs, ensuring you always have someone to answer your questions and address your concerns.

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